Gold Sovereigns

We stock a wide range of Sovereign coins available at low margins above the live spot price. Due to their status as British legal tender all gold Sovereign coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and additionally, as with all investment gold purchased in the UK, are also exempt of VAT. All of our precious metal coins and bars are available for allocated storage or FREE fully insured delivery.

Gold Sovereign

Buy gold Sovereign coins online at low premiums, supplied to us, uncirculated, directly from the Royal Mint. Investing in Sovereigns is a low-risk, flexible and tax efficient way of making a long-term investment in a tangible, internationally recognised asset with a proven ability to hold its value in the long term.

As small units, Sovereigns offer the ultimate route into gold bullion for both smaller investors, and those who simply prefer to spread their wealth over a larger quantity of smaller units. This offers a level of flexibility that a 1kg bar of gold could not. Selling gold Sovereigns is quick and convenient, and investors can sell off parts of their portfolio in whatever amount they choose. You can sell Sovereigns back to us by calling us on 0121 369 3000.

The gold Sovereign, along with the Krugerrand, is widely acknowledged to be the world’s leading bullion coin and, due to their global reputation, they are recognised around the world. The Sovereign has been a part of British coinage for years, and older variations may also have additional value due to their collectability. Gold Sovereign's feature the classic St George and the dragon design, and bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Buy Gold Sovereigns

Gold sovereigns for sale - With a fineness of 916.7 (22 carat), the gold Sovereign price is dependent on the weight of its gold content. To calculate the value of any bullion asset, you multiply the current spot price for gold by the weight of said asset’s fine gold content.

So the value of a Sovereign, which weighs 7.98g, containing 7.32240g of pure gold, at a time when the spot value is £28 per gram, for example, would be around £205.

Gold bullion and other precious metals are the original currency due to their intrinsic value and tend to attract large ‘safe-haven’ demand in times of economic difficulty when investors lose confidence in banks and other financial assets. In such times, the price of gold can therefore increase considerably. The years 2008-2011 are a great example of this, when the price of gold approximately trebled amidst a global recession. Someone who had bought their coins in 2007 would have seen the value of their coins soar in the following years.

Furthermore, as a physical, allocated asset, gold bullion coins like Sovereigns are unlikely to entirely lose their value with inflation or in times of economic crisis. This strongly differentiates them from paper money and other forms of financial asset such as equity in private companies or a savings account. In the unfortunate event that a company or bank becomes insolvent, investments in these organisations would become entirely worthless while allocated physical gold would not.

Capital Gains Tax Free Coins

Sovereigns are especially attractive to UK investors due to their status as British legal tender, and, as a result benefit from Capital Gains Tax exemption. Furthermore, as with all investment gold in the UK, gold Sovereigns are also VAT-free and are available from us for secure vaulting or FREE fully insured delivery. Click to read more about CGT

What is the face value of a Sovereign?

A regular Sovereign coin will have a nominal face value of £1, however this does not reflect what the coin is really worth. Gold Sovereign prices are of course much higher than this face value, based on their pure precious metal content.

There are also other denominations of Sovereign, with face values relative to the full gold Sovereign value. These are - the Quarter, Half, Double and Quintuple. The Half Sov is the most common after the full version.

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