Gold Britannias

The 1oz gold Britannia coin is our bestselling investment product. As well as being available at low margins, the gold Britannia coin is particularly popular in the UK due to their status as British legal tender. This means they are both exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and also VAT-free, perfect for the investors looking to make the most of their money. All our gold Britannias are available for allocated storage or FREE fully insured delivery.

Gold Britannia

The 1oz Gold Britannia is a British bullion coin with a nominal face value of £100, containing 31.1g (1 troy ounce) of pure gold. Gold Britannias minted between 1987 and 2012 have a diameter of 32.69mm, as 22-carat coins they contain one troy ounce of fine gold, mixed with a further 2.946g of either Copper (up to 1989) or Silver (1990 to 2012) which affects the final colour of the coin.

2013 saw a switch from using the traditional 22-carat to a finer 24-carat gold. 2013 1oz gold Britannias measure 38.61mm diameter. As this was the first year of the switch to 24-carat - this resulted in quite a flat, thin coin only 1.58-1.65mm thick; this flatter, larger design only lasted one year. 2014 saw the return of the usual diameter of 32.69mm and a thickness of about 2.8mm but now remains as a pure 24-carat gold coin. Whether you own a 22-carat Britannia or a 24-carat Britannia, as they contain the same amount of gold, they are both worth the same should you consider selling them.

All Britannias feature the head of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, with the image of the British national icon Britannia on the reverse - an historical feature whose presence on British coins is evident as far back as the Roman Empire.

This gold bullion investment coin is available in several denominations - 1/2, 1/4, and 1/10 ounce Britannias.

Investing in Britannias

Given their status as British legal tender, these coins are exempt from capital gains tax (CGT), the tax paid on profits made from the sale of assets. This means that any profit you might make when you sell gold Britannia coins will be yours to spend or reinvest however you please. Due to UK laws concerning the sale of gold bullion, these coins are also exempt from VAT, meaning that investing in gold Britannias is an exceptionally tax-efficient way of storing your wealth.

At we have a range of gold Britannias for sale at low premiums, with FREE fully insured next day delivery, offering you a convenient and secure method of investing in gold Bullion.

Investment in Gold Bullion Coins such as Britannias means ownership of physical bullion that holds real value and not simply confirmation on pieces of paper. Depending on your level of bullion investment, this shall inevitably influence your decisions on your secure storage arrangements its capacity with additional investments to your portfolio.

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