Gold Eagles

Combine your Gold investment and beautiful flawless designs with American Eagles Gold Coins. Minted by the US Mint since 1986, these one ounce, 22-carat gold coins, are the most sought after investment bullion coin from the US Mint. Prices shows include FREE, insured, UK delivery and are VAT-free.

Based on a .9167 fineness and purity of 22 carat, it was by law that the gold Eagles had to be alloyed with silver and copper, to produce a more durable and wear resistant coin. This makes the gold Eagle coin a direct competitor to South Africa's Krugerrand.

The obverse image is designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and features the elegant Lady Liberty holding the torch and olive branch. The reverse features the iconic eagle soaring in the sky, designed by Miley Busik. Gold eagles offer investors a glance at history; despite being first issued in 1986, the design was first seen in 1907.

Legal tender and backed by the US Government on Gold purity and weight, the Eagle Gold Coins fits perfectly with all investment portfolios.

Investment in Gold Bullion Coins such as Eagles means ownership of physical bullion that holds real value and not simply confirmation on pieces of paper. Depending on your level of bullion investment, this shall inevitably influence your decisions on your secure storage arrangements its capacity with additional investments to your portfolio.

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