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Updated: 01:44 23/10/21

Gold News


The News page aims to keep you up to date with the latest stories and headlines affecting the gold market as and when it happens.

We also report on silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as offering insight into the wider financial world, economic performance, and political influences and motivations that might impact upon the world of bullion.

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18 Oct 2021

New figures released by China's National Bureau of Statistics report GDP growth of just 0.2% in Q3 (July to September) – the weakest quarterly growth since records began in China.

At the heart of the issue is a power shortage. China has had to renege on its green energy pursuit in the short-term to keep the lights on, switching back to coal power at a rapid pace to keep the nation powered following a spate of blackouts.

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12 Oct 2021

US markets suffered yesterday following a seven-year high in oil prices. Crude might have fallen back slightly today, but inflation is still hurting the working class across the world, and energy and fuel are key to these price rises.

J.P. Morgan's latest "Global Data Watch" report points to a back-and-forth pattern of inflation/deflation where energy and tech take turns dominating the markets, and blames the Fed for overheating the economy with so much economic stimulus.

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07 Oct 2021

Russian president Vladimir Putin eased market tensions yesterday with a promise to increase gas supplies across Europe, with prices rocketing at present thanks to the supply chain issues hindering the transit of fuel, as well as other resources.

UK gas prices surged to an all-time record of almost 400 pence per therm yesterday, before settling back at 287p and then dropping to 267p following Russia's offer of assistance.

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28 Sep 2021

US senator Elizabeth Warren (Democrat, Massachusetts) today told Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell that she would not back a second term as leader of the central bank, with Powell's term ending in February unless re-appointed.

At the Senate Banking Committee, Ms Warren said: “Your record gives me grave concern, and that makes you a dangerous man to head up the Fed”.

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15 Sep 2021

The UK’s CPI figure has posted the largest rise on record today. Prices in August rose by 3.2% according to the Office for National statistics, up from 2% in July.

Despite the base effect of the eat out to help out scheme, price pressures are undoubtedly rising, and analysts warn that UK inflation could climb as high as 4 – 5% by the end of 2021.

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14 Sep 2021

The price of palladium has fallen to its lowest since July 2020 following a slump in automotive demand. Growing inflation is to blame says the World Platinum Investment Council, with the higher cost of palladium dissuading purchase and usage.

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10 Sep 2021

British economic recovery almost ground to a halt in July according to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics.

Gross Domestic Product, better known as GDP, rose by a miniscule 0.1%; half a percentage point off the target forecasted and a mere 10% of the growth experienced in June.

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02 Sep 2021

Gold is currently $1,808 per ounce after shooting up last Friday following comments by Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell at the Fed's annual Jackson Hole conference on Friday.

Gold jumped from $1,789 per ounce to a peak of $1,818 before the markets closed for the weekend, and has stayed trading in a tight bandwidth between $1,808 to $1,823 per ounce since markets reopened on Monday.

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26 Aug 2021

New data from the Office for National Statistics reports that 82% of transport and storage business are trading – a sizeable gap less than the average operational capacity of 90% for other sectors of the UK economy.

Gold has gained £5.64 per ounce today as a result of the report, pushing it further above the £1,300 milestone. The latest surge in demand follows an unusual “flash sale” two and a half weeks ago, but all losses have since been recovered in full.

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19 Aug 2021

After a strong week of trading, the gold price has seen a small rise following the release of the minutes from the latest Federal Reserve committee meeting in the US. The Fed confirmed that its members are moving towards tapering its quantitative easing program.

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10 Aug 2021

The pound has been making gains against the euro in the weeks since Covid restrictions ended, as optimism grew for the UK's recovery, but news today reveals that Germany's investors are fearful of rising cases of Covid-19 again, and that cases – in conjunction with an economic slowdown in China – could undo economic recovery.

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30 Jul 2021

Economic growth in the UK dropped sharply in July due to staff and material shortages, hitting the lowest levels in nine months.

According to the latest data from IHS Markit and the CIPS composite output index, growth dropped from 62.2 to 57.7 points – a 7.24% decline.

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19 Jul 2021

The pound has fallen to its lowest level in fourth months against the US dollar today, as markets grow more concerned about a resurgence of Covid-19. Despite a stronger than expected economic recovery so far this year, there are signs this is running out of steam and that things may take a downward turn in the near future.

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14 Jul 2021

Both the US and UK have reported further rises to inflation this week, in further signs that central banks may be wrong to claim inflation is just a transitory issue.

The consumer price index for June showed prices have risen by 5.4% year on year in the US, the highest rise since 2008, and far higher than the Federal Reserve’s target of 2%.

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06 Jul 2021

Gold has seen a small boost in price this week following further signs that central banks are once more buying gold. Gold reserve purchases had largely stopped throughout 2020, as central banks focused on the economic toll of Covid-19, but there are increasing signs that purchases have resumed.

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