Gold Pandas

Issued by the Official Mint of People's Republic of China in 1982 , the Chinese Gold Panda coin was introduced to meet the public demand for ownership of gold bullion coin in the People's Republic of China. Prices for gold Panda coins include FREE, insured UK delivery.

Struck in .999 fineness with 99.9% gold purity, the 24 carat Chinese Gold Pandas were an instant hit domestically and internationally, where it was the responsibility of several Chinese mints in producing the bullion coins to meet demand.

In 2016, in alignment of the bullion weight system to its own familiar domestic metric system, the use of troy ounces was replaced by the metric standard unit of grams as shown below:

  • 1oz was replaced by 30g
  • 1/2 oz was replaced by 15g
  • 1/4 oz was replaced by 8g
  • 1/10 oz was replaced by 3g
  • 1/20 was replaced by 1g

The result wasn't a like for like conversion of weight, but gave a number of coins better suited to the overwhelmingly metric-focused culture in China.

Similar to the Australian Gold Nugget, the designs for the Chinese gold Panda coin are updated annually, but the obverse design always features the "Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest" in the Temple of Heaven, Beijing. The reverse always depicts the iconic Chinese Panda, which is adored globally for its unique meek characteristics, and physical look.

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