BANK HOLIDAY: Our office will be closed Monday 27th May. The website will remain open for orders online 24/7. Dispatch will be resumed on Tuesday 28th May.

Sell Gold

Looking to sell gold? We pay market leading rates of 97% of the global spot price for gold bars and coins. We also pay highly competitive rates for scrap gold. Call 0121 369 3000 today for our latest prices.

You must post your gold the same day to keep your price locked. We recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Metal must be received by us the next working day to guarantee the fixed price. Payments will be made by BACS and be paid into your account within 5 working days.

Simply call us on 0121 369 3000 to sell your gold today or email our team at

1. Looking to sell?

Call us on 0121 369 3000 to discuss the items you want to sell and get a price quote.

2. Fix your price

We will take your details and lock your sell price over the phone.

3. Send items to us

Send your items to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery making sure they are insured.

4. Receive payment

We aim to pay direct into your bank account 1-3 days after we receive your items.

Sell Gold Coins

We pay 97% of spot
Quintuple Sovereign (£5 Coin) £2,103.98
One Ounce Gold Nugget £1,787.42
One Ounce Gold Panda £1,787.42
One Ounce Gold Philharmonic £1,787.42
One Ounce Gold Maple £1,787.42
One Ounce Gold Britannia £1,787.42
One Ounce Gold Eagle £1,787.42
One Ounce Gold Krugerrand £1,787.42
30g Gold Panda £1,724.01
Half Ounce Gold Maple £893.71
Half Ounce Gold Philharmonic £893.71
Half Ounce Gold Nugget £893.71
Half Ounce Gold Eagle £893.71
Double Sovereign (£2 Coin) £841.59
Quarter Ounce Gold Maple £446.85
Quarter Ounce Gold Philharmonic £446.85
Quarter Ounce Gold Nugget £446.85
Quarter Ounce Gold Eagle £446.85
Gold Sovereign £420.79
Gold Half Sovereign £210.39
Tenth Ounce Gold Philharmonic £178.74
Tenth Ounce Gold Maple £178.74
Tenth Ounce Gold Nugget £178.74
Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia £178.74
Tenth Ounce Gold Eagle £178.74

Sell Gold Bars

We pay up to 97% of spot
12.5kg Gold Bars £718,339.58
1kg Gold Bars £57,467.16
500g Gold Bars £28,733.58
10oz Gold Bars £17,874.28
250g Gold Bars £14,366.79
100g Gold Bars £5,746.71
5 Tola Gold Bars £3,351.19
1 Tola Gold Bars £2,010.85
1oz Gold Bars £1,787.42
2 Tola Gold Bars £1,340.57
20g Gold Bars £1,149.34
1/2oz Gold Bars £893.71
1/2oz Gold Bars £893.71
1 Tola Gold Bars £670.28
10g Gold Bars £574.67
2.5g Gold Bars £143.66
1g Gold Bars £57.46

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