Gold Buffalos

The United States Mint introduced the American Buffalo Coin as a higher-purity alternative to the Eagle - the Eagle being struck in 22 carat gold according to tradition. The gold Buffalo coin is America's first .9999 fine, 24 carat gold bullion coin and was first issued in 2006.

Classified as investment gold, the Buffalo coin is VAT-free, and at all prices include FREE, fully-insured, delivery to UK addresses.

Joining other international 24 carat Gold bullion coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda and Australian Nugget, the American Gold Buffalo coins were an immediate success with the public.

Designed by James Earle Fraser, a student of the legendary sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the design is based on the previous Buffalo Nickel (Type 1) issued in 1913. The obverse design is widely known as the "Indian Head" or "Buffalo Nickel", created from mixed features of three chiefs from different American Indian tribes, highlighting the native beauty of the American West. The reverse features the iconic American Bison.

With limited annual mintage's, Gold Buffalos are highly collectible to all new or experienced investors, who instantly to its history and timeless design.

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