Silver Britannias

Silver Britannia coins are our bestselling silver investment product, available at low margins, and particularly popular due to their status as British legal tender making them exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). The silver Britannia is one of the cheapest ways to buy an ounce of silver, making them a great choice for investors. All our Britannia coins are available for allocated storage, or to be sent to your home with FREE fully insured delivery.

Silver Britannias

The silver Britannia coin contains one troy ounce of pure silver, with a diameter of 38.61mm. First minted in 1997, the silver Britannia has quickly become the UK's top choice of silver investment coin.

As with gold Britannias, these silver bullion coins are UK legal tender and are therefore exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This means that when selling your coins, you do not have to pay tax on any profit made. However, silver bullion products differ from gold in that they are liable to VAT in the UK. Consequently, despite costing less than gold, investing in silver Britannias is not quite as tax-efficient as investing in the gold version.

We do offer a VAT-free silver Britannia option, via storage in Switzerland. By storing your coins in Switzerland, VAT no longer needs to be paid, reducing your cost by 20%. Please note: if you later decide to take delivery of the coins, then the VAT will need to be paid.

Investing in Silver Britannias

The 1oz silver Britannia tends to be a popular choice with individuals who wish to spread the cost of their investment over a larger quantity of smaller value units, offering them a higher level of flexibility when selling their coins. Although VAT on silver means that investors pay more above the spot price per coin than with gold, this cost is offset by the enormous flexibility offered by purchasing lower value units.

Investing in silver bullion allows individuals to store part of their wealth in a tangible commodity with a proven ability to maintain a high value. Silver is a valuable and extremely useful metal; whose value has the potential to increase as more is discovered about its importance. stocks silver Britannia coins for sale at low premiums above spot price, with FREE insured delivery available at a small cost, offering you a quick, convenient, and secure way of investing in gold and silver bullion.

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