Why VAT-Free Silver?

Your precious metals will be stored outside the banking system

Buying and storing VAT-free silver reduces your reliance on the financial system. During times of political and financial uncertainty this reduces your reliance on the banking system, reduces your exposure to counterparty risk and helps to diversify your wealth geographically.

Silver Bars Why buy VAT-free silver?

It's VAT-free. You can now buy and store silver bars and coins without having to pay VAT on your purchase.

Your VAT-free bullion will be fully insured and securely stored in an accredited vault managed by Brink's and VAT will only become payable if you later elect to take physical delivery of your bullion.

We strongly believe that our VAT-free proposition offers investors a secure
and cost effective way to own physical silver and platinum.

Sell your silver bullion back at any time or request physical delivery

You can sell your silver back to us anytime or request physical delivery. Payments will be made by bank transfer directly into your linked bank account. If you later decide to take physical delivery of your silver or platinum VAT will become payable. For further information, please refer to the VAT-free silver bullion FAQ’s.

Capital Gains Tax exemption

Silver Britannia coins from The Royal Mint are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as they are classified as British legal tender. Each silver Britannia coin contains one ounce of pure silver and is supplied directly from the Royal Mint. Our VAT-free silver Britannia coins offer investors the unique combination of being both VAT and CGT exempt.

This is especially useful to large investors who may be concerned that their investment could be liable for CGT when selling. By purchasing our VAT-free silver Britannia coins they can make a tax-efficient investment in this alternative precious metal.

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