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Buying VAT-free silver for storage is safe and easy at with our simple 8 step process.

Step 1
Create your account in 30 seconds using your residential address.

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How to Buy Gold Online

Step 2
Add to Basket
Shop via our VAT Free category list. Add products to your basket by clicking the ‘Buy’ button.

How to Buy Gold Online

Step 3
Select Payment Option

Select 1 of 4 payment options .
Options include: Debit & Credit card, Bank Transfer.

Debit Cards accepted for payments up to £30,000.
Credit Cards accepted for payments up to £5,000.
Bank Transfers accepted for all order values.
Call 0121 369 3000 to place orders over £30,000.

How to Buy Gold Online

Step 4
Lock Prices & Confirm
Review your order, when happy lock your price by clicking

‘Lock Prices & Buy Now’ . You then have 5 minutes to click ‘Place Order’ to confirm.

Once confirmed, you have committed to buying at the locked price. You will receive a confirmation email with your
Order Number and our Bank Details so you can make payment if you have not already paid by card.

How to Buy Gold Online

Step 5
Pay for Bullion
Pay for your VAT-free products. When we receive your cleared funds we will send a confirmation email and

confirm your goods are securely vaulted with Brinks in Switzerland.

How to Buy Gold Online

Step 6
Set up Direct Debit for Storage
Click the ' VAT Free Storage Payment Set Up' button to set up your Direct Debit.

View our VAT-free storage fees

Firstly, confirm you hold a UK Bank/Building Society Account by ticking 'Yes' .
Confirm you can authorise debits from this Account by ticking 'Yes' .
Complete your Direct Debit instruction by entering your Account Holder Name,
Sort Code
and Bank Account Number and clicking the 'Next' button.

How to Buy Gold Online

Step 7
Confirm Direct Debit
Confirm your details are correct by clicking the 'Confirm Direct Debit' button.

If not, click the 'Amend Direct Debit' button and re-enter details.

If you are unable to complete the Direct Debit instruction online you will be sent a paper form in the post to complete and return.

How to Buy Gold Online

Step 8
Receive Storage Pack
Following receipt of your funds for the metal a Storage Account Pack will be posted to you.

This pack will include a welcome letter with your Storage Account Card, Direct Debit form (if applicable),
the Linked Bank Account and Linked Address form (for completion and return to us),
Storage Charges Information Sheet, FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

For help and advice call us on:

0121 369 3000

8am to 10pm - 7 days a week

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