Delivery or Storage? offer you the choice between taking physical delivery of your gold or storing it in our fully allocated and individually segregated storage solution with Brink’s. Below we explore the differences between physical delivery and secure storage.

Secure Storage offers high security, insured and allocated storage on all orders. For a small monthly fee customers can have their precious metal stored in highly secure, professionally managed vaults by Brink's.


All precious metals stored will remain in the direct ownership of the customer and be individually segregated, fully insured and for added peace of mind subject to independent audits by Rödl & Partner.

  • Secure - Our allocated and fully insured storage solution is provided by Brink's, the industry leaders in risk management and secure vaulting.
  • Accessible - Secure storage gives you the flexibility to buy, sell and store your precious metals in one convenient place. If you decide to sell your stored precious metal back to us then extraction from Brink's vault is free, maximising the amount we pay you for your bullion.
  • Allocated - Our storage solution allows you to gain fully allocated gold exposure as opposed to physically backed or unallocated. Any stored bullion will remain your legal property and be individually segregated whilst stored with Brink's.

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Physical Delivery

Many investors choose to take physical delivery of their gold bullion, allowing them to own an asset outside of the banking system and have full physical possession and control over a part of their wealth portfolio.

There is no one correct answer, it really is down to personal preference where you choose to store your investment. Whether it be a home safe, a safety deposit box or somewhere a little more creative, we always advise our customers to be cautious when sharing information regarding your bullion.

We offer you a range of delivery options to meet your requirements. All orders over £150 are sent using next working day delivery in secure and discreet packing, fully insured for the value of its contents as long as we have received cleared funds before 3pm - ID validation requirements may delay the dispatch of your parcel.

Additional delivery upgrades are available - Click to view our Delivery Options.

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