Gold Price Per Gram

Thanks for visiting our gold price per gram live price chart where you can find the gold price data you need. Our live gold prices will be updated through a live data feed that will give you the price you need right now, and give you the best idea of when to invest in the market.

GBP Per gram Chart (24 hour)

Our 24-hour chart gives you current gold price per gram so you can begin to understand how the market is evolving on an hour-to-hour basis. With this gold price chart you can be sure that the current gold price is understandable, and you will be able to recognise any daily changes.

GBP Per gram Chart (Seven day)

The 7-day gold price per gram chart will give you an idea of how gold prices have changed over the past week and will give you a strong idea of the market shifts. With this chart taking an average on the daily gold price per gram at the end of trading you can be sure that it is the most accurate chart to track prices over the week. If you can see that gold prices are beginning to drop, then understanding the weekly gold price change will give you the opportunity to know when to enter the market.

GBP Per gram Chart (30 day)

Our 30-day gold price per gram chart will give you a better idea of how the gold market is changing over time, and whether any trends can be spotted. As live gold prices can be very volatile, tracking the trends over a month will usually lead you spotting the direction that the gold market is heading in. The current gold price per gram is always the final day to feature on the chart, so you can be sure that an accurate picture can be achieved when you study the trend.

We try to keep our data as accurate as possible, and consequently we pull the price from the markets every few minutes to stay accurate, and give you live gold prices. As soon as there is a change in the markets you will hear about it on this page first, giving you the best opportunity to track your investments, and ensure that your gold is a strong part of your portfolio.

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